How to generate gpg signing keys in bintray for jcenter in windows

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问题 I am unable to get GPG signing keys. Please any one tell me. Thanks How to generate gps signing keys in windows for jcenter 回答1: Windows users can generate GPG keys using GPG4Win. There are many tutorials available, for example this one. 回答2: For Linux/Mac you can use gpg . I learned how to do

Gpg encryption over web browser

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问题 I have search all over the web, but unable to find an answer, so I hope I can find one here. I have a web application run on Windows and IIS written in Perl. One of the scripts perfroms multiple tasks. One of them executes a command to encrypt a file. Here is the command: my $cmd = "c:\\gnupg\

make a password protected bash script resist/refuse “bash -x” when the password is given

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问题 I want to give my long scripts to customer. The customer must not be able to read the scripts even if he has the password. The following command locks and unlocks the script but the set +x is simply ignored. The code: read -p 'Script: ' S && C=$S.crypt \ H='eval "$((dd if=$0 bs=1 skip=//|gpg -d)

gnupg get_key failed in php

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问题 I am using gnupg for digital sign file in php . It was working fine before. Suddenly I am getting this error: PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'get_key failed' putenv("GNUPGHOME=/tmp"); $publicKey = file_get_contents("./media/public.key"); $gpg = new gnupg(); $gpg-

Problem decrypting PGP in python with pyme without user interaction

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问题 I am trying to decrypt messages using pyme (a python wrapper from gpgme). It works fine if I type in the password when it prompts but I cannot get the passphrase callback to work. Here is the code import pyme.core def Callback( x, y, z ): print 'in passphrase callback' return 'passphrase' plain =

Is Maven artifact signing a legitimate use of GnuPG comment in user ID?

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问题 I'm new to GPG signing and the intricacies are dizzying, as my other, overly-broad question indicates. So let me try to distill my current doubts into a simple question. Let's say that a company Acme wants to sign some artifacts for publishing on Maven Central. From much research from various runs gpg.exe step of job runs ok from PC but not from SQL Server Agent schedule

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问题 Everything worked great from my Visual Studio on my PC running this from the Start button. When I build the executable and copied the executable to the production box and scheduled the job via SQL Server Agent on the production machine – everything worked fine to create the file, but the

In-memory GPG signing (or possibly using a temporary keyring)

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问题 I'm working on a web app that needs to create GPG signatures for files as they're uploaded by someone on staff. However, for security, I don't want to keep the signing key on the webserver, even though it's protected by a passphrase. One solution I was looking into was to prompt for the private