Are named entities in HTML still necessary in the age of Unicode aware browsers?

安稳与你 提交于 2019-12-14 04:27:05
问题 I did a lot of PHP programming in the last years and one thing that keeps annoying me is the weak support for Unicode and multibyte strings (to be sure, natively there is none). For example, "htmlentities" seems to be a much used function in the PHP world and I found it to be absolutely annoying

How can I copy/pate multibyte characters on Android Emulator?

别等时光非礼了梦想. 提交于 2019-12-14 04:10:21
问题 I got to know how to copy/paste from command line tool at Paste text on Android Emulator adb shell input keyboard text 'foo' It works very well for ascii characters but it doesn't for multibyte characters. adb shell input keyboard text 'あ' Doesn't pass any character to emulator. adb shell input

Internationalization not working properly - No action seems to be happening

时光毁灭记忆、已成空白 提交于 2019-12-14 03:15:20
问题 I configured my as show below: LANGUAGE_CODE = 'pt-br' USE_I18N = True LANGUAGES = ( ('pt_br', ('Portugues Brasileiro')), ('en_us', ('English')) ) MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES = ( ... 'django.middleware.locale.LocaleMiddleware', ... ) LOCALE_PATHS = ('/home/lucas/Documents/ProjectPython/test

Not able to access i18 plugin from mutation in classic mode store in Nuxt application

ぃ、小莉子 提交于 2019-12-14 03:11:08
问题 I'm trying to implement Vuex i18n package within my Nuxt application. In my nuxt.conf.js file in plugins array I have: { src: '@/plugins/i18n.js', ssr: false }, plugins/i18n.js file is: import Vue from "vue"; import vuexI18n from "vuex-i18n/dist/vuex-i18n.umd.js"; import toEnglish from "..

Django CMS and Rosetta: Can't get template messages translated

﹥>﹥吖頭↗ 提交于 2019-12-13 16:52:36
问题 Is there any know issue about using Django CMS and Django Rosetta together. I cant get the "static" template messages translated although it appears correctly translated in the Rosetta interface. All the dynamic content is correctly translated. Only the one I´ve set up around the `{% trans

i18n yellow screen of death

余生颓废 提交于 2019-12-13 16:16:19
问题 System.InvalidOperationException:Värdet null kan inte tilldelas en medlem av typen System.Boolean eftersom den är en värdetyp som inte kan ha värdet null. Thank you Microsoft, intentions are good, I know. As if anybody who really finds this information useful would also consider Swedish as the