How to successfully drive a MassTransitStateMachine via the InMemoryTestHarness?

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问题 Following up to: How to write MassTransitStateMachine unit tests? Here's a simple test class (using MS Test) for a simple state machine called ProcedureStateMachine (note: this is not a real production state machine for us... just an experiment I'd used to play around with MassTransitStateMachine

Mockito on Android, Context.getString(id) and NullPointerException

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问题 I've just started learning a Mockito testing framework, I followed official tutorial from: developer.android.com The code is: private static final String FAKE_STRING = "HELLO WORLD"; @Mock Context mMockContext; @Test public void readStringFromContext_LocalizedString() { // Given a mocked Context

GMock passing a mocked object into another, and calling a stubed method is still calling real logic

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问题 I'm trying to pass a mocked object to another object's method and call it, i get the same result as I would call real method. fooa.h - this is the real class #ifndef FOOA_H #define FOOA_H class FooA { public: FooA(); virtual int method(int a, int b, int c, int d); }; #endif // FOOA_H fooa.cpp

Unit testing of a function that doesn't return any value

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问题 I am doing unit testing in c++ using cppunit. I have seen some examples over internet that are showing testing a function that return some value. I have some functions in my project that do not return any value but do some calculations inside. Here I want to test the calculations inside those

VS2010 and ASP.NET unit test problems / WebHostAdapter exception

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问题 I've spent half a day trying to get an ASP.NET unit test to work as described in Alan's Development Blog. I don't have VS2008 but VS2010 with SP1 and Resharper 5.1, and no matter what I try I just run into different kinds of errors. When I add a test project with a test method as follows and