How to make std::vector's operator[] compile doing bounds checking in DEBUG but not in RELEASE

泪湿孤枕 提交于 2020-03-29 09:58:11
问题 I'm using Visual Studio 2008. I'm aware that std::vector has bounds checking with the at() function and has undefined behaviour if you try to access something using the operator [] incorrectly (out of range). I'm curious if it's possible to compile my program with the bounds checking. This way

How to find the number of times a phrase appears in an array?(vector) c++

有些话、适合烂在心里 提交于 2020-03-28 06:54:36
问题 I have a program : 1. read a team.txt and winners.txt file to two different arrays; 2. ask the user to cin a team name for searching; 3. to search that name in winners.txt to show how many times a team has won the world series, I have the code following, but it always returns 0 times. what is the

problem with updating a map by removing some keys and also some elements

亡梦爱人 提交于 2020-03-27 08:55:04
问题 I have a map. lets say map<int, vector<int> > mymap1 . I want to update mymap1 by deleting some “keys” and also removing unwanted “elements” from the vector part of the selected keys. The “key’ or the “element” going to be deleted is given from another vector, known as “mylabel”. Actually, What I