Entity Framework Compound Key (Many-To-Many Relationship with a Payload)

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问题 I've got database tables like this: A person may be a member of many teams. A team may have many members. Each person may have a position (think job title) within the team. I've tried to set this up with ADO.NET Entity Framework and get errors: Error 3021: Problem in mapping fragments starting at

The data reader has more than one field. Multiple fields are not valid for EDM primitive or enumeration types from a stored procedure

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问题 I can see this has been asked a few times but can't see one where it relates to a stored proc call like below i can work form. public ActionResult _NewEmpFifth() { IEnumerable<SelectListItem> departments = new List<SelectListItem>(); using (EIPInternalEntities ctx = new EIPInternalEntities()) {

specifying the foreign key to the table programmatically by using fluentapi

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问题 hi is there any possibility to assign a foriegnkey to table using entity .... pls see this question for clarification.. how do add a single entry for two tables using linq to entities let me explain clearly..... i have a product table product_id product_name product_description category_id

How to map 2+ tables to an entity in .NET Entity Framework?

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问题 Using the designer in Visual Studio, how can you define an entity that maps to 2 or more tables? 回答1: try Entity Framework map multiple tables to one entity or http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc716698.aspx 来源: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/543604/how-to-map-2-tables-to-an-entity-in

System.Data.DataException: An exception occured while initializing the database

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问题 Please help me on this. I have written a code for getting the first record from the database using LINQ My Homecontroler [CustomHandleError] public class HomeController : Controller { Domain domain; public HomeController() { domain = new Domain(); } public ActionResult Index() { HomePageViewModel

Generate C# entity files from my EDMX in the command line instead of from VisualStudio

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问题 I have an .edmx file that generates C# entity files when I open it in VisualStudio and hit the "Save" operation. How to do this from the command line? I would like to set up a CI environment that can do this before trying to compile... 回答1: You can use the EdmGen2 command line Tool: https:/

Visual Studio cannot find the EntityModelCodeGenerator custom tool

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问题 I'm helping develop a MVC application in Visual Studio 2008 using the Entity Model Framework. I've gotten the code from the source control and I'm wanting to add some new Models from the edmx file. I right click and then click "Custom Tool" but then I get the following error. Cannot find custom