Do we need Keystore/JKSKeyManager in IDP initiated SSO (SAML)?

拜拜、爱过 提交于 2020-01-14 22:34:24


I've successfully implemented SSO authentication using Spring-SAML extension. Primary requirement for us to support IDP-initiated SSO to our application. Well, by using the configurations from spring-security-saml2-sample even SP-initiated SSO flow also works for us.

Question: Is keystore is used in IDP-initiated SSO (if metadata has certificate)? If not used, I would like to get rid of keystore configurations from securityContext.xml.

Note: SP-initiated SSO and Global logout is not needed for us. We use Okta as IDP.


This is a good feature request. I've opened for you and support is available in Spring SAML's trunk with the following documentation:

In case your application doesn't need to create digital signatures and/or decrypt incoming messages, it is possible to use an empty implementation of the keystore which doesn't require any JKS file - This can be the case for example when using only IDP-Initialized single sign-on. Please note that when using the EmptyKeyManager some of Spring SAML features will be unavailable. This includes at least SP-initialized Single Sign-on, Single Logout, usage of additional keys in ExtendedMetadata and verification of metadata signatures. Use the following bean in order to initialize the EmptyKeyManager:

<bean id="keyManager" class=""/>