E/eglCodecCommon: GoldfishAddressSpaceHostMemoryAllocator: ioctl_ping failed for device_type=5, ret=-1


Everytime I test my APP on AndroidStudio I get this error message.

My APP works fine, but I am a little confused/curious about what this error means.

Even when I google for GoldfishAddressSpaceHostMemoryAllocator I find 4 unrelated results (they name the Class but are not trying to fix it).

What this error message means?


The library is logging an issue. Since you aren't seeing an issue with your app, then it's okay to ignore the message. You can set a Logcat filter to ignore the tag eglCodecCommon.

The library causing the issue is OpenGl, a graphics library for Android. If you're interested, here is a link to the source code throwing the error: https://android.googlesource.com/device/generic/goldfish-opengl/+/refs/heads/master/shared/OpenglCodecCommon/goldfish_address_space_android.impl#400


Hello just add : mavenCentral() in build.gradle (project)